Respect for quality allows us to be implied in the most prestigious projects. Since more than 20 years we have been exporting more than 60% of our turnover.

Relying on a specialized team and on a quality policy, the Company has known how to develop customer loyalty with professionals (80 % of our customers) : architects, interior designers, research cabinets, luxury hotels, Embassies, Private Palaces. Beautiful projects have allowed us to collaborate with the greatest designers all over the world.

Taillardat has been working for the realisation of pieces of furniture and seats for the décors of the film Marie-Antoinette by Sofia Coppola.

In order to respect the wish of some of our clients, we are giving us the obligation of extreme confidentiality regarding the places where our furniture are presented.

A source of inspiration for architects and interior designers, the Taillardat collection naturally finds its place in the luxury hotel business all over the world. The XVIIIth century French furniture & its héritage will create an exquisite atmosphere, as enjoyed by privileged people over the centuries.


Hôtel Four Seasons George V (Paris)
Hôtel Four Seasons (Prague)
Hôtel Le Bristol (Paris)
Hotel Plaza Athénée (Paris)
Hôtel des Bergues (Geneva)
Hotel Ritz (Madrid)
Château Yquem (Bordeaux)
Château Mirambeau (Charente Maritime)
Château les Crayères Reims (Marne)
Hôtel Royal Champagne (Marne)
La Réserve de Beaulieu (Alpes Maritimes)
Hôtel Balmoral (Paris)
Schlosshotel Münchausen (Germany)
Parkhotel Düsseldorf (Germany)
Parkhotel Franckfurt (Germany)
Hôtel Santa Maria Novella (Florence, Italy)
Hôtel Sacher (Salzburg, Autriche)
Hôtel Baur au lac (Zürich, Schweiz)
Hôtel du Cap Eden Roc (Antibes)
Hôtel Shangri-La (Paris)
Château Mirambeau Four Seasons George V

Four Seasons George V Four Season les Bergues Geneva

Hôtel Shangri-la Paris   Hôtel Royal Champagne

Le Bristol - Paris    Four Season les Bergues Geneva  Hôtel Shangri-La

Hôtel Balmoral     Château les Crayères Reims   Chateau les Crayeres

Schlosshotel Munchausen Allemagne   Schlosshotel Munchausen Allemagne    Four Season les Bergues Geneva

ShangriLa Paris  


Marie-Antoinette de Sofia Coppola


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