The sofas

Seats on which more than one person can be seated - same arm rest as for the bergeres. They exist as a 2, 3 even 4 seaters.

Canapé Carpentier 3 places Canapé Chevigny rose à coussins Canapé Chevigny noir Canapé Chevigny 3 places Canapé Chevigny 3 places Canapé Chevigny Canapé Chevreuse Canapé Delacroix 2 places Canapé Etienne 2 places Canapé Etienne Canapé Etienne 3 places Canapé Fragonard Canapé Fragonard 3 places Canapé Hastings Canapé Léandre Canapé Léandre Canapé Maintenon Canapé Montespan Canapé Luynes Canapé Penthievre Canapé Reuze Canapé Reuze Canapé Reuze Canapé Saligny Canapé Tuileries Canapé Tuileries Canapé Vernon Canapé Vernon

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